Chief Marketing Officer

Location immaterial but we do work on London time. The emphasis regarding corporate donor development is on the EU and the UK. North America is also of interest, but likely secondary.

Reporting to the CEO, Kasia Bylok.

Key aspects of this position:

• Sympathy with and commitment to the cause of the Ukrainian people.

• Familiarity with the process of professional fundraising.

• Wide range of marketing and manufacturing corporate contacts including the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and supplies and food processing industries.

• Ability to come up to speed on selected defence equipment needs - as the war continues, all Ukraine-supporting organisations must bolster the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Key responsibilities will include:

• Reaching out to contacts in the key sectors above to recruit one manager for each sector.

• Working with those managers to get donations in kind, often for expired goods, in exchange for tax benefits for the donor organisation. The managers should become independently functioning after the initial appeals to their markets.

•. Co-ordinating with AidUkraine operations to ensure transportation is available and laid on. Again, the sector managers will begin doing this as they become familiar with the process.

Your efforts will allow this organisation to remain viable. Ultimately, donations of money and materiel drive our actions. And these donations will result from this function’s success. This is dependent on networking across both humanitarian and defence donors. We are broadening our efforts to blend the need for humanitarian aid with the necessity of protecting that aid from the moment it crosses from Poland into Ukraine. In all these activities, we co-operate with a range of NGO’s . These sister orgs are a major asset in our own development.

Time requirement will initially be between 10 and 20 hours per week. We anticipate that this will taper off as sector managers become more familiar with the operations of AidUkraine.