Aid Ukraine UK is a non-profit organisation (NGO) formed in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What started by helping families fleeing the war quickly grew into an extended network of volunteers and, within weeks too. 

As we grew as an organisation we realised the humanitarian side was only one factor and there were many animals who were now suffering as a result of the war. With this on our minds we formed Aid Ukraine Animals UK this new aspect of the organisation also grew very quickly too, now helping to provide vaccinations, food and safety to the animals of Ukraine. 

It is our primary focus to continue this support to all victims of the war and we will endeavour to continue to help with the clean up operation once the war is finished. None of this would be possible without our volunteers who we rely entirely on for our operations and also the kind donations we receive from Uk and across the world.

Your donations go directly towards helping Ukrainians........ Humans and Animals!


Helped settle 700 families in the UK
Evacuated 100's of people from red zones
Distributed over 1000 tons of civilian aid
Rescued over 800 animals
Reunited refugees with their pets
Distributed first aid kits across the front line
Delivered 60 ambulances
Assisted frontline military with resources
Provided food for 210K animals
Provided volunteers to organisations in need

The Team




Chief Executive Officer
Director Humanitarian Operations
Director of Compliance


Chief Operating Officer