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First aid kits save lives
First aid kits save lives



IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is a compact medical kit for hostile environments which can provide immediate care for injuries, wounds and medical emergencies. IFAK’s are typically used in situations where medical help may be delayed or inaccessible environments, they are an essential asset to possess and they save lives.

A full IFAK kit costs 60 GBP. That's 60 GBP that saves a soldier's life and stops them bleeding out, where every minute counts. Every penny counts. Smaller donations will be combined and used to top up the kits.

It is our aim to send monthly donations to each region of the front line. Sumy, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson.

We will be making the orders with the manufacturers in the first week of each month. The kits are going DIRECTLY to the front line trenches. 100% of your donations are will be used to buy the IFAK kits.


Delivering ambulances to Ukraine
Delivering ambulances to Ukraine
AMBULANCES play a crucial role in SAVING LIVES
  • With the ongoing conflict and increased demand for medical assistance, these ambulances serve as a lifeline for the wounded and the critically ill.

  • They provide essential medical care, transport the wounded to hospitals, and ensure that both civilians and soldiers receive immediate care.

  • The importance of ambulances in Ukraine cannot be overstated, as they contribute significantly to saving lives and alleviating the impact of the devastating consequences caused by the conflict.

Shahed drones and Iranian missiles cause destruction
Shahed drones and Iranian missiles cause destruction


Drones and missiles are being used on a daily basis
  • The Ukrainian air defence systems are in need of assistance to effectively counter these attacks which result in significant damage.

  • The devastating impact of these air attacks is felt not only through direct hits but also through the collateral damage caused by the debris.

  • The continuous use of X-101/X-555 cruise missiles, X-59 guided missiles and Shahed attack UAV's has created a constant state of fear and insecurity among the Ukrainian population.

  • Enhancing the air defence capabilities along the front line is crucial to safeguarding Ukrainian airspace and protecting its citizens. With the support of international allies, Ukraine can strengthen its air defence systems and better respond to the ongoing threat.

  • Collaborative efforts in providing necessary resources and expertise will play a vital role in ensuring the security and stability of Ukraine's airspace.

  • It is imperative to address this critical issue promptly to prevent further harm and to finally find peace in Ukraine.


Civilian aid delivered to all parts of Ukraine
Civilian aid delivered to all parts of Ukraine
Aid Ukraine UK is a humanitarian organization that is committed to delivering urgent assistance to individuals who are facing the consequences of disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies in Ukraine
  • With our deep understanding of the local context, strong relationships, and efficient access, we are able to swiftly and effectively respond to crises, both before they happen and during their occurrence.

  • Our dedicated team is always prepared to step in and help civilians who are overwhelmed by a disaster, ensuring that their immediate needs are met. We strive to make a significant impact in the lives of those affected, providing them with the support and relief they urgently require.


Donate a vehicle to the Ukrainian military for medical and general operations
Donate a vehicle to the Ukrainian military for medical and general operations

Vehicles in Ukraine play a crucial role in various operations, however due to legal restrictions, civilians are prohibited from registering right-hand drive vehicles. Additionally, according to UK charity law, vehicles cannot be donated for military operations. As a result of these restrictions, there is a limited area within the country where your kind donations can be utilised to support the war effort. Aid Ukraine UK finds the UK charity restrictions absurd. This led us to establish ourselves as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) instead of a registered charity. As an NGO, we can directly donate to military activities in ongoing operations. Nevertheless, if your preference is to allocate the vehicles solely for civilian evacuations and military medical purposes, we are flexible and willing to accommodate your wishes. This ensures that all our donations effectively contribute to the ongoing operations and help enhance all Ukrainian capabilities.